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Ode To The Local Coffee House
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Use Your Big Brain To Get What You Want
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Big Brain Book Reviews
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Kevin T. McCarney Televion Appearances


TV Appearances

Author Kevin T. McCarney has made numerous television appearances, including CBS in Los Angeles and San Francisco, NBC in Sacramento and San Diego, ABC in Portland, and The CW in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield endorses Kevin T. McCarney Big Brain Book

Praise For The Book

Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times Best-selling Author

"I have been teaching The Success Principles for 40 years and one of the most important of those is a formula I call E+R=O. Kevin has a wonderful way of articulating the same concept in his new book…"

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Big Brain Stories

Share With Us

I believe in you.™ We invite you to share Big Brain moments you have witnessed or personally experienced. What happened? How did it turn out? We welcome stories and thoughts from contributors of any age…

Kirkus Book Reviews

Kirkus Book Review

World's Toughest Book Critics™

"McCarney is entirely straightforward, friendly and effective in his delivery. The chapters are short and concise, yet penetrating, and the accompanying cartoons are whimsical but illustrate important points."


Big Brain Blog

The Last Impression

So much time and and so many words are given to the importance of the first impression. And it is important. However, I think it is only important for a short while. In fact, after the first impression is made, there begins a series of last…

Tools and Traps: The Secrets of Successful Communication

The Secrets

Tools and Traps

Let's discuss the Big Brain Tools we can use to win The Moment, improve relationships and get the life you deserve. We also share many Little Brain Traps that get you into trouble, damage your relationships and prevent your success.

Kevin T. McCarney Articles


Huffington Post Article

"There are so many influences on planning a wedding, it can easily feel like you no longer have control of your dream. Wedding planners, caterers, the rules of the church or venue, the in-laws, and dozens of other distractions can impact…."

Praise for the book from PepsiCoNational Account Sales Manager Shari Manculich

Praise For The Book

Shari Manculich, PepsiCo

"Whether a new employee or a tenured employee, Kevin's framework is a terrific way to develop the necessary communication skills in the workplace today. I recommend Kevin and his book to…"


The Secrets of Successful Communication  -  Buy The book